How Life Would Be Affected If Technology Was Taken Away

Advances in technology improve the material’s properties and changes in modern lives of humanity. Wherein the olden times, animals or physical attachments are involved when technology was not yet developed and recognized. It only means technology materials are like an endless process in which the more years to come, the more technology products will come.

This is a big advantage for us this new generation and for the future’s progression. That’s why technology can be classified as needs and wants of every people. Needs because of everyday used and wants because of it’s irresistible features. It may seems technology evolves around the globe. So, what’s the big deal if technology is out of nowhere? Back to the old style operation where we are the one who actually works the stuff we used to do and no technologies help to accompany us? You may say yes but that’s gonna be difficult to handle with especially those technology dependent.

It must be true that without technology our lives going to be messy and lonely. We should consider that possibility. It’s not only because of our dependence but it is the reality of what the technology brought to the daily activities of humankind before and until now. Still it will change and become more advantage in our upcoming years. Then it is more useful and approachable in nature. Lastly, everything we see and used usually is a product of technology and technological products are necessary to give more convenient and comfortable life for everybody.