Hot Jobs in Green Technology – Top 2 Jobs in Green Technology

It looks like green technology is going to be with us for awhile as the world looks for alternative fuel sources that are cleaner and more efficient. In time of recession it may be a good time to look for jobs that have growth potential and you’ll find jobs in renewable energy and recycling may be just the ticket. Here are a couple of jobs to look for in green technology that could provide a stable income source as well as phenomenal growth in the future.

Industrial Engineers

A major responsibility of the industrial engineer is to make things run more efficiently which is a huge part of what green technology is all about. A really good industrial engineer will focus on creating a better solution and overall process specifically with green in mind. They will create things that use less resources and waste less possibly bringing into play recyclable technology into the picture.

Construction Managers

The new breed of green technology construction manager is tasked with the responsibility of making a much more energy efficient building. Not only being more energy efficient but finding ways to enter into new construction using recyclable materials. By taking things like tires out of the landfills and creating buildings a reversal of pollution can occur while at the same time using less of our limited natural resources.

By taking core skills and adding a specialization into green technology you can increase your value on the job marketplace and ensure a place for growth. The only real job security in the marketplace is by keeping ahead of your peers through personal and skills development. Don’t get caught without knowledge in green energy technology. There is a vast array of resources to start learning today.