Technological Requirements For Getting an Online Degree

For individuals who are considering an online college degree, many concerns will arise. One of these apprehensions is what the technological requirements will be for an online degree?

The ability to use a computer for basic functions like email, Word, or browsing the internet, would mean that individuals are on the right path already.

Consider the following:

A Computer – As a basic starting point, students will need this device to use for:

Email – Students will need to use this application in order to communicate with each course lecturer, as well as other members of staff.

Microsoft Office – proficiency in this software is necessary, as students will need Word for typing in course assignments; Excel is utilized in some cases for creating charts, formulas, etc.; and PowerPoint to put together presentations.

The Internet – Not only is this modern marvel a pastime for social media and sharing with friends, it first allows students to connect with the online college. Second, it allows students to conduct research from many reliable sources. Data, statistics and verifiable citations can all be found online. As an additional note, students will likely need home internet access, instead of relying on public sources like the library.

An online education is convenient, because individuals can log on at any time of day. That’s the beauty of technology. Ensure also:

That the computer is installed with a compatible operating system, like Windows or Mac OS.

Install an Antivirus software to protect the computer and college assignments from malware.

That there is enough storage space to keep documents, throughout the two-four years of college. Otherwise, a portable storage device can be used as a backup for exceeding storage

Some colleges require face to face meetings. If there’s no video camera already installed on a laptop, a detachable video camera can be purchased at an office supplies store.

For individuals who are clueless about these technological requirements, short courses can be taken at a local library or an institution, to grasp the concepts of email, internet surfing, and an office software package. It’s never too late to start a dream. In fact, many individuals switch careers in their middle age, and the only opportunity to do so – is to work and study online. Learning these technologies can additionally help students enjoy their conveniences, even if no online college is being attended.

Don’t be intimidated by online colleges, or the technological requirements. With practice, using technology in basic ways will be like second nature.

Modern Technological Innovations Make It Possible For Seniors to Remain In Their Homes

Imagine being able to care for your aging parent using your cellphone. New technology is breaking ground to do just that. In a poll, 75% of the seniors asked admitted that they would rather use whatever means available if it meant they could stay in their own homes longer. In addition, the enormous influx of retirees getting ready to hit their golden years is going to push hospital and nursing facility care expenses higher and higher due to increased demand. This generation of seniors is also the first that is comfortable using the new technologies and won’t hesitate to take the opportunities that present themselves.

Many industries are taking part in the research and development of this new elder care system. These include hospitals and doctors, insurance companies, technology developers, home builders, and wireless companies. It is estimated that the new equipment could generate $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion making it a worthwhile pursuit for both businesses and elderly patients.

This type of innovative technology is meant to help seniors deal with the rising cost of healthcare and the fact that insurance companies are increasingly opposed to allowing patients to remain in the hospital when they suffer from maladies that can be both monitored and treated while they are living in their own homes. The health care seniors receive is expected to measurably improve with up-to-the-minute care. However, the situation isn’t all win-win. Concerns include worries about maintaining patient privacy, compensation for doctors, and the effect on the funding of nursing homes are high on the list of snafus everyone involved is working on.

The new devices are being created making it easy for seniors to monitor their weight, heart rate, and blood pressure readings from home. Information is then uploaded to a database which will be read by the doctor. Any changes can alert the doctor to possible complications which will allow him to change medications, request and appointment, or dispatch an ambulance as he feels is necessary.

The federal government, grappling with the problem of underfunding for Medicare programs are heartily in favor of the developing technology. They estimate that more than $25 million is spent every year on just the readmission of patients to hospitals and nursing facilities and believe that costs could be cut by 75% if these people could be monitored at home instead of having to be admitted to hospitals so often.

It’s amazing what new technology can do, and this sounds like a system that needs to be explored further and expanded to cover all seniors with medical issues who are still living in their own homes. Instead of rising medical costs collapsing the Medicare system, we could look forward to lowered costs and fewer claims.

Hot Jobs in Green Technology – Top 2 Jobs in Green Technology

It looks like green technology is going to be with us for awhile as the world looks for alternative fuel sources that are cleaner and more efficient. In time of recession it may be a good time to look for jobs that have growth potential and you’ll find jobs in renewable energy and recycling may be just the ticket. Here are a couple of jobs to look for in green technology that could provide a stable income source as well as phenomenal growth in the future.

Industrial Engineers

A major responsibility of the industrial engineer is to make things run more efficiently which is a huge part of what green technology is all about. A really good industrial engineer will focus on creating a better solution and overall process specifically with green in mind. They will create things that use less resources and waste less possibly bringing into play recyclable technology into the picture.

Construction Managers

The new breed of green technology construction manager is tasked with the responsibility of making a much more energy efficient building. Not only being more energy efficient but finding ways to enter into new construction using recyclable materials. By taking things like tires out of the landfills and creating buildings a reversal of pollution can occur while at the same time using less of our limited natural resources.

By taking core skills and adding a specialization into green technology you can increase your value on the job marketplace and ensure a place for growth. The only real job security in the marketplace is by keeping ahead of your peers through personal and skills development. Don’t get caught without knowledge in green energy technology. There is a vast array of resources to start learning today.